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This is the home page for the GWT OpenLayers plugin space.

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  1. Dear author,

    I'm using the gwt-openlayers plugin together with geoserver and eclipse, and I found it very useful. But I have a question here: how to remove a layer from a existing map? cause there's no such method as removeLayer(), I can't only find addLayer(s) method.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Dear author.

    I'm using  the gwt-openlayers plugin together with geoserver and eclipse too. I want to know where i can find some documentation.

    I will explain my problem: i want to add a marker on the map clicking on it.

    I have created a start point Button start_button = new Button("Start!", new ClickListener(){

    so i have created a listner on clik over the map

    map.getEvents().register("mouseclick", map, new EventHandler(){

    now i want to create a marker on it. I handle the event doing it:

    public void onHandle(JSObject source, JSObject[] param) {                    
                         Map map = Map.narrowToMap(source);                    
                         LonLat start_point = map.?

    in java script i wrote this :"click", map, function(e)

    Unknown macro: { var lonlat = map.getLonLatFromViewPortPx(e.xy); m = new OpenLayers.Marker(lonlat); marker.addMarker(m); }

    Can you help me to find something I can read to find a solution?

    Thanks in advance