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  • How to best spend the JAX 2007 money prize
  • Status of the Eclipse plugin

Groovy gatherings

  • Groovy code camp: bi-annual Europe and US places
  • Summer of code
  • Leverage students end year's projects

Documentation and specification

1.1.x / 2.x branches

  • a 1.2 and/or 1.1.1 release
  • branch after 1.1-rc-2
  • trunk for contributions
  • branch for experimental
  • convention: 20071231 for sharing personal branches
  • 20071231-experiment-MC2

SVN moves

  • move modules & IDE plugins to the top-level
  • have Scott involved for moving Eclipse plug at the top-level
  • Eclipse continuous integration

Packaging / modularity

  • sugest package groovyx
  • post 1.1 activity, possibly 1.2
  • list
  • ant builder
  • Swing builder
  • Gant
  • GroovyDoc
  • Groovlets
  • JMX
  • GroovyTestCases
  • CLI tools
  • CLI builder
  • Console
  • Groovy SQL
  • BSF
  • XML builders, slurper, markup
  • Ant tasks
  • Templates
  • have a proper GEP for seperations

Breaking change 1.1 / 2.0

  • mention in the release notes in 1.1 that users have to recompile their code against the new runtime
  • find a good proposal as a minimum for 2.0
  • provide good error messages if people use a older version of Groovy
  • static initializers, deprecation exceptions
  • no compatibility for 1.1 / 2.0, but make sure it works for 2.0 / 2.x


  • ASM 3
  • Antlr 3 (lower priority than MC2)
  • Java 5
  • trunk will switch to Java 5, but 1.1 is the last quaranteed version to run on 1.4
  • review the code base to see where we can modify to use Java 5 classes and methods, generics
  • stay to 1.4 bytecode
  • Have a 1.4 compatible version
  • Retroweaver / Retrotranslator version for compatibility distribution
  • use generics when it makes sense

Follow the work on invokeDynamic, and potentially have a prototype

Customize Groovy truth

  • possible implementation with an interface

No Reverse asType

Keep DGM as fat as it is


  • In the CI, add a script to parse the XML, and collect the historical unit test times executions


  • cross-linkage between classes
  • document DGM
  • document EMCs, categories, closures as properties, properties section

Multiple assignment

  • syntax def a,b,c = someMethodReturningList() <- c gets the third or the rest, null for the rest
  • keep it simple

Class-scoped use directive / mixin mechanism

  • To be discussed further on the mailing-lists
  • Do we go with a class-scoped use directive mechanism?
  • Further discuss on the lists how which syntax to take
  • closer to the concept of mixins
  • Try have a GEP proposal
  • Per-thread EMCs like category
  • Keep in mind: difference between script and class, between transparently or explicitely/declaratively applied
  • Convention / magic packages / James' proposal / EMC script initialization
  • Activation through GroovySystem

Anonymous inner classes & nested classes

  • changes to GroovyObject
  • problem with private property access
  • getProperty() to be removed, or shouldn't have first shot

Stale modules communication

  • SWTBuilder (improve communication, what's broken/working)

AST transformations / mutators

  • Examples
  • @BoundProperty macro
  • then: when: à la RSpec
  • DSL use cases
  • GEP to be fleshed out

Static Groovy

  • Discussion to be continued
  • GEP to be fleshed out
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