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  • call private methods from everywhere
  • call method from inside the class only
  • choose a private method basing on the class we are currently in (call a private method of this class even if a subclass has overwritten that clas)
  • when is a method overwritten (with respect to argument types)
  • when is a method overloaded (with respect to argument types)
  • in which cases can MetaClass overwrite method implementations? (private? call from inside the class?)
  • inherit private methods
  • when is a method call interceptable? (from inside, from outside, never)
  • any checks a compiler has to do


  • is the get/setProperty or invokeMethod method used if there exists a private method/property/field in the superclass
  • only call the mop methods when there is no (private?) method/field visible


  • how to handle private when from outside/isnide a class


  • allow redefinition/hiding in what cases
  • allow redefinition/hiding of unbound variables
  • when is a variable name a class
  • allow the definition of a variable name of the same name as a class
  • what should a compiler be able to check regarding variable names


  • default MetaClass implementation for Closures
  • nested builder
  • calling class / outer builder method in nested builder
  • resolving names in bulder to classes/fields/variables/properties/dynamicProperties
allow nested builders?

the meaning of 'this'

  • in methods
  • in closures (block/markup)


  • no assignment in loop headers

missing language features

  • enum
  • for loop from java
  • native modifier
  • mdim arrays
  • interface rules
  • inner classes
  • generics/templates

syntax questions

  • use with-syntax
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