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newlines, semicolons etc...

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  1. I support eliding semicolon before newline. There is an attempted rationale for this in design tactics. Basically, it's PHIM (parse how I mean).

    Other elisions to make simple method calls concise are discussed in optional parenthesis.

    I guess the straightforward way to specify this is to have a little nonterminal "OptNL" which is sprinkled liberally throughout the grammar, but which is conspicuously absent in the top-level structure of an expression statement.

    A more tricky way to specify it is to define a token "NL" which acts as a statement separator, and which is coughed up by the lexer only when it is needed to break a run-on expression. Such potential NL points could be explicitly marked in the grammar by a "CheckNL" nonterminal.