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Codehaus offers an integrated continuous integration service.

This service is currently powered by Bamboo, although it is likely to expand to offer a Hudson builder in the near future.


The level of integration is currently quite limited (user credentials basically)


Bamboo is available at

You can login using your Xircles username and password.

As it a manual process, only certain project despots have been granted the ability to create new build plans. Raise a JIRA if you wish to have plan creation privileges granted to your project.

Being sensible

This is a SHARED resource. There are only 24 hours in the day. If your build takes 2 hours and you do 12 a day; then you've got a problem (yes - you have the problem).

You have some options though!

  1. Fix your build
  2. Build less frequently
  3. Sponsor a build slave
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