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There have been several requests over the years for snapshot repository capabilities from the CI server. These were ignored for a long time because we had other priorities (inside and outside Codehaus).

Finally we've implemented something. It's not the final cut, but it's a great place to start.


The repository is contained on the build machine - codehaus04; and is exposed via the URL

Please place artifacts into


Someone more Maven savvy than us can contact Support to get additional items configured (e.g. maven configuration)


  • Only deploy your own artifacts
  • This is a M2 repository; keep the repository correct or risk wrath
  • Understand that we WILL prune this area regularly
  • This service will be discontinued if it is abused
  • These rules might change without prior notice
  • All snapshots might be moving to this repository over time
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  1. Couldn't resist trying right away and it works fine, thanks a million Ben! No extra configuration required for Maven, just need to use file protocol for deploying. I added a new distributionManagement section into a separate "bamboo" profile so we can still deploy snapshots manually over webdav when ever we want to. You could require projects to use -DuniqueVersion=false to make it fill up a bit slower, but hey if you say it'll be pruned regularly, I trust that space consumption is no issue.

  2. Projects are welcome to use the uniqueVersion option; however I will still keep pruning on the table.

    Pruning will probably configured for about the 2 month mark; and be adjusted as space permits.

  3. Is this still the way to go, or shouldn't snapshots be deployed to the Nexus instance? Might be auth problems getting that set up though...

  4. Monitor HAUS-2067 for any change to this.