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Here are the steps you'll need to follow to get Maven 2 working with the Codehaus's WebDav system.

Configuring Xircles - Maven 2 Repository ID

The M2 repository ID is automatically configured when your project is created. In the event you need to change it, please contact Support to get them to change it.

There are many downstream effects and we need to review non-standard IDs.


The repository is automatically synchronized with the main Maven repository on a 4 hourly schedule.

Configuring Maven

Then you'll need to tell the <build> section about the Wagon WebDAV plugin:

Next you'll need to update your distributionManagement section:

Note: the trailing slash is important; otherwise Apache will send 301 redirects that confuse the Maven WebDAV plugin.

You should only put these in your root POM in a multi-module project. If you put the same settings in a child POM, that child would overwrite the files at this location. You can either inherit it using Maven's parent mechanism (which will automatically append the artifactId to the URL), or you can specify as above but change the individual paths to the location you'd like the files deployed to.

Then you'll need to tell maven's settings.xml file about your username and password (this file belongs in ~/.m2):

Install the certificate

Finally, Before you can upload via HTTPS you'll need to add the AddTrust CA certificate (the issuer of the Codehaus certificate). To do this, follow the instructions at the bottom of the WebDAV page.

Ensure your repository ID is set

You must configure a repository ID is set.

Performing a deployment

Now you can use the normal maven deploy command:

Your SNAPSHOT repository will be viewable at:
Your release repository will viewable at:

You will need to navigate down to the appropriate location for your artifacts.

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