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As you may (or may not) know, every user who has an account at Codehaus can send and receive email using an aliased account of the form: <user>

Historically, you can just send email from anywhere and any mail server.

However with the continued rise in spam and joe jobs apparently coming from; we're going to have to lock down mail configuration.

To facilitate this, you can use SMTP AUTH (over SSL) through our secured email gateway. This has always been available, however we are now going to force your hand.

How we enforce it

We will be using SPF and DKIM to allow SMTP servers to validate that email is actually from us. This ultimately means that you will be forced to send through our servers if you want to avoid your email being marked as spam.

We will be running in soft mode for a period of time - this means that correctly configured servers may mark non-compliant email as "potentially spam". At some point in the future we will switch to hard mode - non-compliant email should be marked as spam at that point; and potentially rejected outright.


To send through our server you need to know the following:



465 (SSL)




<your Xircles password>


GMail can be configured to send using our servers with the details shown above:

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