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(This is a rough draft, we'll bash them into more shape as time goes by)

The Codehaus Foundation - Terms of Service

These terms are granted in perpetuity (i.e. if you take your project elsewhere, we retain these rights over your project as it stood when you left).


Your email addresses will not be provided to any third party, except to provide core services around project hosting (eg. provisioning 3rd party systems). We will endeavour to ensure that the Codehaus Foundation has a suitable privacy agreement when engaging any 3rd party provider.

Mailing lists

All emails submitted to email lists are upon the condition that the user grants the Codehaus Foundation a worldwide right to redistribute and sublicence said emails. This is necessary for us to produce email-archive lists and allow service providers to do the same thing.

Source Control (Subversion, CVS)


Codehaus Foundation has the right to distribute artifacts to 3rd party service providers under the same terms and conditions that it distributes them (eg. for mirroring purposes).

The Codehaus Foundation does not shield you from any legal responsbility. In the event that you violate copyright or trademark law, your project alone will be responsible for resolving the issue

Law Enforcement / DMCA / etc

The Codehaus Foundation will comply with any lawful request raised against the Foundation.


As the Codehaus Foundation is primarily supported by advertising, you agree to have allow any and all content hosted on Codehaus servers be reformatted with advertising.

You agree not to use technical measures to disable advertising.

You agree not to add other advertising without contacting Codehaus operations (the addition of advertising may violate our ToS with advertising providers).

This will be done at runtime, and will not affect the raw content you are working with.

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