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Unity (successor to Confluenza), is a front-end renderer for Confluence. It reprocesses and reformats page content from Confluence to build "attractive" user facing sites for Codehaus projects.


Please see the Architecture page for more information on how Unity "works"

Special Pages

Special pages are used to build up the layout for any given page. Due to how Unity themes work, it is possible for a given theme to rearrange the content provided by each of these special pages in any way the theme feels fit.


Typically this is the navigation found down the left or right side of the page.

Typically these links are provided as a quick navigation menu for other services provided / used by the project / site.


Used across the top (or to the left of the site).

For example:


Used across the right header - not required - we'll template in the Codehaus Logo as appropriate.

Static Pages

Unity supports static pages which have the extension .uhtml


It is possible for Codehaus Operations to write custom plugins for Unity to create dynamic content fed from other systems. This is functionality is rarely used however.

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