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WebDAV provides a network protocol for creating interoperable, collaborative applications. Major features of the protocol include Locking (concurrency control), Properties and Namespace manipulation (move and copy).

The Codehaus prefers HTTPS+DAV over SCP / SFTP for several reasons:

  • works through proxies
  • is compatible with our LDAP authorization system
  • limits shell access to server

There are some downsides however:

  • Clumsier updates

DAV Links

You should use Xircles to determine the appropriate DAV links for your project / user etc.

DAV Clients


Konqueror 3.5+ has built-in WebDAV support (UserTrust CA Root is preinstalled). To access using WebDAV, change the https:// protocol to webdavs://

(Internet) Explorer

In IE chose "File/Open ...", enter the URL and activate the check box "Open as Web Folder". You will find this web folder in future also in your Network Connections of the Explorer.

Java and SSL CA roots

See Installing a new CA into the JDK