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Home of the IDEA clearcase plugin.

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ClearcasePlugin for 6.x

We're currently working on it. We're in the process of evaluating the task of porting the plugin to IntelliJ 6.x.

ClearcasePlugin for 5.x

User Guide
Version history

Basically it integrates with Clearcase (CC) in 4 different manners. You can choose that in the plugin configuration screen.

  1. Native integration - uses an old DLL to call CC
  2. CommandLine integration - uses command line calls to 'cleartool', which is a CC executable.
  3. NewNative integration (new way) - uses a recent DLL to call CC (this dll is from the the sourceforge project :, and is also used by the non-official CC Eclipse plugin located at
  4. NewCommandLine integration (new way) - uses command line 'cleartool', via the clearcase-java project

2 and 4 exist for non-windows platform, and are pretty stable. 1 is the most stable for me (i'm using windows), 3 is unreliable, you can get a lot of weird messages like "can't co-create object" (it uses JACOB under the hood, see )
As far as I know, 3 and 4 are evolutions of 1 and 2. ClearcasePlugin and eclipse-ccase plugin writers just decided to put in common re-usable parts of their respective plugin.

The reliable implementations already works well for basic functionalities :

  • update
  • checkin & checkout & undo checkout files
  • check in project
  • rename class (make sure you use checkin-project though)
  • delete class (requires you to checkout the file first... odd)

.. and not so well for advanced ones :

  • lack of activities support, although i've implemented a version for implementation number ... 3, the unreliable one (sad)
  • lack of synchronization feature to obtain correct clearcase status for each files (you must make sure you haven't any checkout and your view is up-to-date, then you 'mark your project as current')
  • other issues listed here :