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On behalf of the IzPack project team, I am glad to announce the release of IzPack 4.2.1!

IzPack is a one-stop solution for packaging, distributing and deploying applications. IzPack is a project hosted by the Codehaus foundation (see and it can be downloaded from

IzPack 4.2.1 is a maintenance, stable release that brings a lot of useful fixes and improvements for production use while the team continues to develop new features for IzPack 4.3.0. Some notable changes include:

  • the privileges escalation mechanism can now be fine-tuned to be activated on selected platforms (e.g., activate it on MS Windows Vista, but not on MS Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS X)
  • standalone compiler fixes
  • easier development of IzPack panels with Maven
  • bug fixes in automated and web installers
  • conditions / rules framework fixes
  • loose packs fixes
  • fixes for the shortcuts creation on MS Windows Vista
  • translations updates.

The complete release notes are available at

I would like to warmly thanks the IzPack developers and contributors for their incredible help and hard work that made this release possible. Thanks a lot guys, you rock (smile)

I would also like to announce that I am starting to offer professional services for IzPack in the form of freelance consulting, support, custom development and installer creation bootstrapping. I have just set up a page at (more details will be available soon). Do not hesitate to contact me if such services would be useful to you!

The launch of such professional services does not mean that IzPack is going to be a proprietary commercial product at all (and that would be silly, really). I do care about IzPack being still that fruitful ecosystem where businesses, individuals and projects collaborate to offer a compelling solution to applications deployment. In the end of the day, this activity can only help sustaining the project.

IzPack is and will always be a free, opensource and community-driven project. That's my promise!

Thanks again to you all for your support, and enjoy this new release!

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