Blog from Dec 09, 2010

IzPack 5.0.0-beta5 is here!

I am glad to announce a brand new beta release as we make progress toward IzPack 5.0.0!

This release brings bug fixes, Maven project cleanups / fixes as well as updates on the ini4j code. Another small yet useful change for those using the Maven plugin to build their IzPack installers: the authors section can now be populated from the developers of your POM.

As usual, this release is not production-ready, yet we need your feedback! Thanks for taking a few minutes to:

  1. download IzPack 5.0.0-beta5, and
  2. build your installers against it, and
  3. report problems.

IzPack 5.0.0-beta5 can be downloaded:

Stay tuned for new beta releases soon, as we intend to keep on that pace!

Oh and one last thing: do not forget that you can help us making the final 5.0 release sooner :-)