Blog from January, 2011

I am pleased to announce a new initiative to help spreading the word on IzPack: "We love IzPack".

The idea is very simple: there will be a page on the IzPack website to list the projects and companies that use and/or develop IzPack. There will be two sections.

  • If your company / project uses IzPack, we will happily reference you.
  • If your company / project contributes to the IzPack development, you will be referenced. This also applies if you contributed code in the past but have not been active recently.

In either case, getting referenced is easy: send me an email to julien.ponge at with:

  1. a logo that you allow the IzPack project to use,
  2. a URL,
  3. wether you are an IzPack user or contributor,
  4. a single paragraph describing your use of IzPack and why you chose it.

I will compile your references and add the webpage once I have a sufficient amount.

Looking forward to receiving your reference details!