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On behalf of the whole IzPack project team, I am pleased to announce the releases of IzPack 4.3.4 and IzPack 5.0.0-beta7.

You can download those releases from the IzPack downloads page and through Maven.

All credits for the release of IzPack 4.3.4 should go to Mark Miller who did a significant effort to backport fixes from the 5.0 branch to the aging 4.3 branch. Meanwhile, the development of IzPack 5 is going forward and you are highly encouraged to test it on your own projects. Some people have reported success in using IzPack 5 beta releases in production settings.

We would like to thank all our contributors and developers for making this release possible! Big thanks also go to our loyal users.

Finally, please remember that IzPack is not an opensource project with corporate backing, hence this is why we greatly need your help and contributions for developing it!

Release Notes for IzPack 4.3.4

Maven users should use version 4.3.4-SNAPSHOT of the standalone compiler plugin. The Nexus Codehaus repository does not allow us to release this plugin anymore.

The following issues went into this release:

  • [IZPACK-391] - hidden="true" for Packs does not work for TreePacksPanel
  • [IZPACK-427] - UserInputPanel: inputs should not be validated when panel is reloaded due to checkbox/radiobutton having revalidate="yes" in their spec
  • [IZPACK-433] - ShortcutPanel fails to load if shortcutSpec.xml is UTF-8 encoded and contains non-ascii characters
  • [IZPACK-461] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in TreePacksPanel
  • [IZPACK-475] - ProcessPanel is ignored in console mode
  • [IZPACK-480] - Console Install option does not invoke Process Panels
  • [IZPACK-528] - The value of the encoding attribute of <res> element is still ignored
  • [IZPACK-554] - spec txt and id set without localization files shows the id in the panel
  • [IZPACK-567] - FinishPanel (SimpleFinishPanel) repaint
  • [IZPACK-596] - Ubuntu 10+ needs .desktop files to be executable
  • [IZPACK-603] - UserInputPanel: inputs should not be validated when panel is reloaded due to checkbox/radiobutton having revalidate="yes" in their spec
  • [IZPACK-608] - deseclect is misspelled in console installer mode for checkboxes
  • [IZPACK-610] - FinishPanel has hardcoded path for Uninstaller location
  • [IZPACK-611] - Console Installer misspelling: Install was successeful
  • [IZPACK-636] - JDKPathPanel does not work in console mode
  • [IZPACK-637] - JDKPathPanel does not work in automated mode
  • [IZPACK-645] - Null pointer exception at automated install
  • [IZPACK-647] - Unable to launch wizard (panel) after creating the setup.exe in windows 7
  • [IZPACK-656] - SimpleFinishPanel has hardcoded path for uninstaller
  • [IZPACK-657] - izpack-standalone-compiler 4.3.4-RC1 in maven central
  • [IZPACK-660] - ProcessPanelWorker does not clear old jobs, it keeps adding additional jobs
  • [IZPACK-661] - JDKPathPanel fails on console JDK path check on Mac OS X
  • [IZPACK-650] - itemState change events from UserInputPanel combos unconditionally cause revalidation; behavior should be controlled by REVALIDATE attribute instead
  • [IZPACK-654] - The installer should simply switch to console mode when a headless env is detected, even if the user has not passed the -console cmd

Release Notes for IzPack 5.0.0-beta7

The following Git commits went into this release:

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