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There are several 3rd-party frameworks used in IzPack, which are not offered by the appropriate JDK:

  • PicoContainer
    PicoContainer’s most important feature is its ability to instantiate arbitrary objects. This is done through its API, which is similar to a hash table. You can put java.lang.Class objects in and get object instances back.
  • Apache Ant
    We use several classes from this project directly, for example the special ZipOutputStream to generate IzPack installers.
    The source code ffor some Ant concepts as FileSets, File Name Mappers and Selectors has been adapted and directly integrated into IzPack especially to enhance rhe installer descriptor syntax.
    Furthermore, there is an AntInstallerListener and AntUninstallerListener available to launch an Ant buildfile from custom installers.
  • JUnit
    A well known testing framework.
  • Apache Commons
    A set of reusable components to replace all the duplicate utility classes and methods.
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