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This field allows the user to select a file from the file system. Text can be added before the selection or a static text element can be added to display above the selection box (a little more visually appealing).




Pressing 'Next' without a file selected show the following message:


Messages for the file field can be customized by creating a custom lang pack and overriding the following values (attribute values wrapped for readability):


If you wish to have a file field that can be used optionally, use the attribute allowEmptyValue="true" inside of the nested spec element:


This supports a <description> element that can be used to provide information about the purpose of the file field.
See Fields documentation for more detail.



Note: Mixing file fields with other fields that have text in front of them can lead to formatting (layout) issues. Placing these types of elements on different panels can provide a much better user experience.

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