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The InstallationGroupPanel can be used to show packs by groups. Installation groups are assigned to packs by the installGroups attribute, see the <packs> element description.

This panel will be skipped if there are no pack elements with an installGroups attribute.

InstallationGroupPanel example


In the above example, when InstallationGroupPanel is displayed, it contains three radios named Group1, Group2 and Group3. Depending on what user selects, the respective Packs will be displayed in PacksPanel. InstallationGroupPanel will look for a description corresponding to the key "InstallationGroupPanel.description.Group1", "InstallationGroupPanel.description.Group2" etc in installation langpacks and variables and displays this description for each of the Group_i.

You may also define a sortKey in the variables section of the installer.xml to define an alternative sorting. The default sorting is based on the Group Name.

Here is an example for alternative sorting of groups:

By default, your group name (and description) are displayed as-is in the installer. If you want them to be localized, add localized names to yourpacksLang.xml resources. The string ID has to be InstallationGroupPanel.group.```group_name``.

Here is an example to localize groups into French (these lines have to be put in your packsLang.xml_fra resource) :

If you want to add html markup to those strings, add .html at the end of the string id (after the group name).

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