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The Java Condition

The Java Condition can be used to check the value of a static field in a java class.


Nested Elements

The Java condition must have a java element and a returnvalue element.


The java element contains two mandatory elements, class and field. <class> contains the fully qualified name of the class and <field> contains the name of the static field to inspect.


This element defines what is the expected value. Currently, only type="boolean" is supported.

Complicated condition checks - example

In order to check for complicated conditions with java you can do the following. Assume that we use the same condition as above.




Note that for logging you will need to use log4j or similar. I use groovy in conjunction with an AntListener to log condition logs to temp. An easier way to accomplish this is to use process panels but if you absolutely must have a condition determined by java methods then this is the best way


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