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Jencks is a lightweight JCA container which is easy to deploy inside Spring to provide Message Driven POJOs.

In addition Jencks supports inbound and outbound messaging using APIs like JMS, JAX-RPC, JBI and JCA CCI as well as providing an XA based pooling mechanism for JDBC. e.g. here is how to use Outbound JMS or Outbound JDBC.

Jencks by default reuses the Geronimo JCA connector, WorkManager and TransactionManager - though there are no fixed runtime dependencies on Geronimo so you should be able to use Jencks with JOTM and Jonas too - though we recommend the Geronimo implementations as they are heavily tested and support full XA recovery.

Getting Started

To get an idea for what Jencks can do try looking at the Message Driven POJOs.

Or to see how to work with Geronimo components in Spring, see the Transaction Manager or Work Manager sections.


If you are already using Spring, to be able to use Jencks you just need the following jars on your classpath
  • jencks-all.jar

You may need to add some J2EE jars too. You may wish to add a compelete J2EE.jar (such as the geronimo-spec-j2ee.jar). If you are inside Tomcat, it doesn't like j2ee.jar on the classpath, so use the individual jars from Geronimo - e.g. geronimo-spec-j2ee-connector-*.jar for the JCA APIs

If you want to grab a J2EE specification jar we recommend the Apache repository

Adding a JMS provider

If you wish to use Message Driven POJOs you will need a JMS Provider and JCA Resource Adaptor. If you want to use an open source JMS provider we highly recommend ActiveMQ.

To use ActiveMQ you'll need the following jars (more details).

  • activemq.jar
  • activemq-ra.jar

If you are not already using Spring

Then you need to add the following jars

  • spring.jar
  • aopalliance.jar


Jencks 2.0

Jencks 2.0 has been released !
See the download page for more informations.

Jencks 1.3

Jencks 1.3 has been released.
This release primary goal is to upgrade to Geronimo 1.1.
For more informations, see the release notes.

Jencks 1.2 Released

We've finally created the Jencks 1.2 Release which includes migration to Maven 2 and working with the latest Apache ActiveMQ along with some bug fixes. Get it while its hot! (smile)

We've moved the Jencks source repository over to Subversion now so you can access the repository easily using HTTP or HTTPS for committers. For more details see how to access the Source

Good article on Jencks

Thierry has written a good blog post on Jencks which is a good overview of the project. Check it out while its hot.

More News

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