Blog from December, 2007

JRuby 1.0.3 Released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.0.3.


JRuby 1.0.3 is a minor release of our stable 1.0 branch. The fixes in this
release include primarily obvious compatibility issues that we felt were
low risk. We periodically push out point releases to continue supporting
production users of JRuby 1.0.x.

- Signal handling fixes involving mongrel
- Smattering of smaller YAML problems fixed
- 28 total issues resolved since JRuby 1.0.2

JRUBY-1691       Rails 2.0.1 not working with trunk
JRUBY-1717     Errors when trying to persist has_many :through objects using Rails 2.0.1 and activerecord-jdbc-adapter 0.6
JRUBY-1697     Mongrel broken w/ 1.0.3 candidate
JRUBY-1471     YAML dumping or loading is mucking up object IDs
JRUBY-1685     Can't run Rails 2.0 app due to exception
JRUBY-1507     Ruby String aset ([]=) with 3 args does not work is start index is one past string length
JRUBY-1358     Failure in ruby_test String#aset test
JRUBY-1552     /o regexp modifier (Ruby compatibility)
JRUBY-1371     testTime.rb doesn't work correctly on some configuration
JRUBY-1509     0o00 is broken
JRUBY-1511     bad shebang line in gem
JRUBY-1414     ArgumentError using to_time string conversion
JRUBY-1537     Sun JVM-specific signal handler should be used only when available
JRUBY-1581     Signal#trap doesn't handle failure of trapping gracefully.
JRUBY-1277     Mongrel clashes with JVM for the right to handle SIGUSR1
JRUBY-1502     Trap not returning a proc as the previous handler
JRUBY-1148     Array#== doesn't use custom to_ary method for RHS arguments
JRUBY-1535     <clinit> must be generated with static modifier
JRUBY-1534     ThreadLibrary Queue#num_waiting and Zlib to_io method not bound correctly.
JRUBY-1067     Rubinius core/thread_spec failures
JRUBY-1553     Generator sometimes hangs up
JRUBY-1694     jossl is using JRuby 1.1 op_aset which does not exist in JRuby 1.0.x
JRUBY-1480     Compare uses of $VERBOSE with MRI
JRUBY-1699     Kernel#system ignores more than one arg if first arg doesn't represent a valid file (e.g. a command name only)
JRUBY-1402     spurious warning messages when yaml is analized with debug option.
JRUBY-1536     Giving YAML.load a non-IO object raises a Java error instead of a Ruby error
JRUBY-518     "useless use" warning fires far too often during Rails execution and testing
JRUBY-1246     Base64Coder#encode(String) has a problem.