Blog from May 27, 2008

JRuby 1.1.2 Released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.1.2!


JRuby 1.1.2 is the second point release of JRuby 1.1.  The fixes in this
release are primarily obvious compatibility problems and performance
enhancements.  Our goal is to put out point releases more frequently for
the next several months (about 3-4 weeks a release).  We want a more
rapid release cycle to better address issues brought up by users of JRuby.

- Startup time drastically reduced
- YAML symbol parsing >100x faster
- Performance, threading, and stack depth improvements for method calls
- Fixed several nested backref problems
- Fixed bad data race (JRUBY-2483)
- Gazillions of bigdecimal issues fixed (all?)
- 95 issues resolved since JRuby 1.1.1

JRUBY-672        java.lang.Class representation of Ruby class not retrievable
JRUBY-1051     Rubinius bignum_spec failures
JRUBY-1163     Doesn't allow 'included' to be protected
JRUBY-1190     Cannot call protected constructors from an abstract base class
JRUBY-1332     It should be possible to add a jar to the load path and have it act like a regular directory
JRUBY-1338     Concurrent file uploads in Rails cause OOM errors with JRuby+Goldspike+Glassfish
JRUBY-1386     instance_eval is a nightmarish can of worms; it needs to be completely refactored
JRUBY-1387     define_method methods are pushing two frames onto the stack, among other inefficiencies
JRUBY-1390     Calling super without args does not (always) pass original args
JRUBY-1395     while loops and other protected constructs may require synthetic methods in the compiler
JRUBY-1463     Java deserialization through java-integration is broken in JRuby
JRUBY-1574     Extract into jruby.home from jar: url
JRUBY-1582     Allow heap and stack to be set via environment variables
JRUBY-1688     Problems with multiple arguments to Kernel#exec/system and Rake's FileUtils#sh
JRUBY-1725     Gem installs a bad shebang on application scripts (like rails)
JRUBY-1749     JRuby fails test/externals/bfts/test_time.rb on Japanese environment
JRUBY-1753     while cases disabled with precompiled tests now runninng; known lackings in the compiler
JRUBY-1767     JRuby needs a fast JSON library
JRUBY-2041     Calling the attached method after 6 times returns nil
JRUBY-2086     class cast exception randomly appears
JRUBY-2230     Compiler emits exception-handling sections of code that can be reached through non-exceptional paths.
JRUBY-2247     Object#methods is incorrect in some cases
JRUBY-2265     BigDecimal outputs to_s("F") differently than MRI
JRUBY-2267     in `method_missing': no id given (ArgumentError) (RubyKernel class)
JRUBY-2318     $~/Regexp.last_match lost when evaluation is inside a block
JRUBY-2347     Race condition in DRb: Socket not always closed in DRb.stop_service
JRUBY-2348     FasterCSV's :auto option for row separator doesn't work in JRuby
JRUBY-2370     JRuby startup time significantly slower than MRI
JRUBY-2378     Hundreds of new rubyspec fiailures with BigDecimal
JRUBY-2383     File.stat fails confusingly on large files
JRUBY-2392     Problem marshalling time
JRUBY-2418     protected method bug: plugin will_paginate shows symptoms
JRUBY-2423     Avoid double copying data in ChannelDescriptor#read()
JRUBY-2431     Rubygems under JRuby doesn't install BAT executable files on Windows
JRUBY-2432     Rubygems under JRuby detects the ruby executable name incorrectly on Windows
JRUBY-2434     Implement BigDecimal#sqrt
JRUBY-2438     Support SQLite3 using JRuby
JRUBY-2442     Each value of SCRIPT_LINES__ contains two redundant empty lines
JRUBY-2444     NPE from o.j.r.scope.ManyVarsDynamicScope#getValue
JRUBY-2445     Regression: jirb_swing broken, prints out to the stdin, not to the GUI
JRUBY-2450     StringIO#gets should set $_ to nil when it runs out of lines
JRUBY-2451     Cannot compile JRuby (regression of rev: 6565)
JRUBY-2452     Predefined globals $_ and $~ handled incorrectly
JRUBY-2453     Etc.getpwnam crashes JVM on Linux
JRUBY-2458     Move to a proper package
JRUBY-2459     Upgrade rubygems to version 1.1.1
JRUBY-2461     RubyGems are installing with incorrect shebang line
JRUBY-2474     --debug for interpreted mode, --jdb for jdb
JRUBY-2476     Rubygems fails with NameError: StringIO
JRUBY-2477     ClassCastException org.jruby.RubyString cannot be cast to org.jruby.RubySymbol
JRUBY-2478        InlineCachingCallSite perf degradation due to JRUBY-2477 fix
JRUBY-2479     YAML Parse Error for Array of Hash of Hash
JRUBY-2480     Ruby object passed to Java method impl passed back to Ruby method impl loses original ruby instance
JRUBY-2482     ClassCastException in RubyThreadGroup.add
JRUBY-2483     PatternCache data race in RubyRegexp#initialize
JRUBY-2485     Regression: Most BAT starter scripts are broken on Windows
JRUBY-2486     rails --version command still broken
JRUBY-2487     Bugs in REXML::Document
JRUBY-2489     Regexp.last_match broken inside Enumerable's grep block
JRUBY-2490     Initializing structs including Java interfaces crashes JRuby
JRUBY-2491     File.umask with no argument sets umask to 0
JRUBY-2492     Add --debug option explanation in RubyInstanceConfig
JRUBY-2493     Classpath changes for workspace in eclipse
JRUBY-2494     REXML unusable from multiple threads: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.jruby.RubyString
JRUBY-2499     Parser bug with :do
JRUBY-2502     Major regression in Array#pack
JRUBY-2503     variance from MRI: expects zero block params
JRUBY-2509 behave incompatibly with MRI
JRUBY-2510     JRuby crashes with -XstartOnFirstThread on carbon
JRUBY-2511     Dir.pwd with non-ascii chars does not display correctly
JRUBY-2512     YAML 10x slower loading Graticule data
JRUBY-2514     JIT max and JIT threshold should be adjusted for improvements in JRuby over the past months
JRUBY-2523     Deprecated StringScanner#getbyte is infinitely recursive
JRUBY-2524     File.exists? "file:/" crashes jruby (I believe the actual cause is the file: prefix)
JRUBY-2527     jruby -e chomp throws AbstractMethodError
JRUBY-2530     Multiply-binding JRubyMethod's with arity (min:0, max:2) can't have block args
JRUBY-2531     IO#seek= with non-fixnum vaule breaks JRuby (and rubyspec run)
JRUBY-2533     NPE when using a closed Iconv object
JRUBY-2536     Bignum#div should never return non-integer values, even if arg is Float
JRUBY-2537     Fixnum rubyspec failures for methods with Bignum arguments
JRUBY-2540     Two rubyspec failures for Complex
JRUBY-2547     JRuby 1.1.1 can't install native gems like Mongrel, Hpricot, etc
JRUBY-2549     Calling java.lang.Intger#method raises Exception
JRUBY-2551     JavaProxyClassFactory and JavaClass should use getDeclaredConstructors to get all public/protected constructors
JRUBY-2558     Rational#divmod follows MRI bug behavior
JRUBY-2563     java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.jruby.Ruby.newFixnum(I)Lorg/jruby/RubyFixnum; happens when trying to access rails application
JRUBY-2568     Float divided by BigDecimal incorrectly coerced to Fixnum
JRUBY-2569     Specs to test method reflection and invocation
JRUBY-2570     BigDecimal#to_f incorrectly handles negative zero
JRUBY-2571     some IO constants not defined
JRUBY-2572     File::FNM_SYSCASE defined incorrectly on non-Windows systems
JRUBY-2573     Revision 6754 randomly dispatches the wrong method under multithreaded loads.
JRUBY-2575     Regression on Windows: Can't execute jruby, with path constructed out of rbconfig's CONFIG entries
JRUBY-2579     Yaml ParserException
JRUBY-2580     Regression: yaml tests break JRuby hard