Blog from Nov 03, 2008

JRuby 1.1.5 Released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.1.5!


JRuby 1.1.5 is the fifth point release of JRuby 1.1.  The fixes in this
release are primarily obvious compatibility problems and performance
enhancements.  Our goal is to put out point releases more frequently for
the next several months (about 3-4 weeks a release).  We want a more
rapid release cycle to better address issues brought up by users of JRuby.

- Per-class method caching (improves _send_, respond_to?, and defined?)
- Constant cache dramatically improves constant lookup
- Reduced memory usage for compiled execution
- Several Java Integration regressions fixed
- Rubygems 1.3.1 and Rspec 1.1.11 upgrades
- Updated ffi (Foreign Function Interface) support
- More Ruby 1.9 mode support
- 113 bugs fixed since 1.1.4

JRUBY-194        handling protected methods in Java classes not working properly
JRUBY-1000     Illegal attempt to subclass a final Java class should fail when the subclass is defined
JRUBY-1263     JRuby is trying to parse .so files.
JRUBY-1413     Rinda::RingFinger.primary hangs on
JRUBY-1424     Unknown problem with ZLib::Inflate
JRUBY-1504     In-process "ruby" launching causes test/unit to hang when called from within Rake
JRUBY-1519     hoe complains about gdiff when using jruby, doesn't complain when using MRI
JRUBY-1551     eval 'yield', b should succeed if b is a binding pulled from a frame that was passed a block
JRUBY-1712     Captures local to the block ?
JRUBY-2048     Call site caches may not be thread safe
JRUBY-2181     respond_to? is 2x slower than in MRI
JRUBY-2219     Errno numeric values should be platform-specific
JRUBY-2278     Wrong line number in SyntaxError out of eval
JRUBY-2281     Rubyspec failure: IO#write_nonblock on a file writes all of the string's bytes but does not buffer them
JRUBY-2308     Handling on Rational numbers inconsistent with MRI
JRUBY-2310     Rails constantize is more than twice as slow on JRuby
JRUBY-2349     Bug in constant lookup on non Module or Class
JRUBY-2374     Unicode chars in script/console
JRUBY-2403     Performance issue with charlie gem.
JRUBY-2436     real world test shows JRuby 3x slower than MRI on large dataset regex matching
JRUBY-2562     case expression is slower than on MRI
JRUBY-2574     Etc.getpwname NPE's if user does not exist.
JRUBY-2586     IO#readpartial is non-functional on files
JRUBY-2686     Truncated ActionMailer emails when using JRuby 1.1.2
JRUBY-2705     Process.uid raises error on windws, but this method is now required by rubygems 1.2
JRUBY-2750     JRuby AOT compiler should produce version information
JRUBY-2765     Attr assign for block arguments is still slow, both in bytecode and in not call-site caching
JRUBY-2800     Get specs for JI, tracing, etc (JRuby-specific, not rubyspec) incorporated into normal test runs
JRUBY-2807     Migrate inheritance-based cache compiler to use arrays for more stuff
JRUBY-2836     Empty expressions in Hash literals crash JRuby
JRUBY-2837     Empty expressions in Arrays handled incorrectly
JRUBY-2840     Not all Socket::Constants are defined, cause RubySpec failures
JRUBY-2842     Get Errno::ENOTSOCK in
JRUBY-2853     Examine each deoptimization case in ASTInspector to see if it's still valid or could be eliminated
JRUBY-2856     JRuby thinks OpenBSD doesn't support getuid
JRUBY-2867     Wrong overloaded Java method called when both int and float signatures exist
JRUBY-2877     [][2**63-1]=2 crashes JRuby
JRUBY-2878     Array#hash with recursive array crashes JRuby
JRUBY-2883     Many Array methods don't handle recursive arrays properly
JRUBY-2885     jna-posix isatty for Windows
JRUBY-2888     Exception handling in compiler is much more bytecode now that Java exceptions work too
JRUBY-2905     NoMethodError does not give a useful message when thrown in BSF
JRUBY-2909     Tracing regression, full pathing in trace output
JRUBY-2920     JRuby is slower than Ruby 1.9 on rock/paper/scissors bench.
JRUBY-2922     LoadService always passes on fully-expanded paths when loading files, noising up backtraces, generated class names, and such
JRUBY-2939     When binding a restarg method, display useful error if rest != true or else just do the right thing
JRUBY-2940     test/testSocket.rb error on server socket between accept and read
JRUBY-2955     Integrate RubyGems > 1.2 fix
JRUBY-2957     Regression: to_java fails on arrays containing nil element
JRUBY-2958     jruby casts Integer argument to Long for java method with Integer arg.
JRUBY-2959        jetty-rails broken by trunk
JRUBY-2960     YAML.quick_emit does not actually emit YAML
JRUBY-2962     Patch containing regression test for line number argument for EventHook
JRUBY-2963     [patch] Enable running rubyspecs on Windows
JRUBY-2965     Sparodic Linkage Error On Startup
JRUBY-2966     REXML DOS issue in Ruby 1.8 libraries
JRUBY-2969     Classes that include modules that include Java interfaces and return nil for __jcreate_meta! throw an internal JRuby error
JRUBY-2971     strftime isn't fully implemented
JRUBY-2975     Overriding Time._dump does not behave the same as MRI
JRUBY-2976     YAML messes up custom tag
JRUBY-2984     Interpreted case/when is much slower than MRI
JRUBY-2986     Include Windows 64-bit (x64 / amd64) support in included JNA
JRUBY-2989     Cache static scopes in compiled script objects for constant/variable names access without dynamic scope
JRUBY-2991     Memory leak building Rubinius's kernel
JRUBY-2993     implementing java class causes exception
JRUBY-2994     Have the build unpack JNA native libs into lib and add lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH for all platforms
JRUBY-2998     socket putc does not work
JRUBY-3001     Either an I/O or a range performance issue
JRUBY-3002     Improve JI error reporting when Java method resolution fails
JRUBY-3006     Requiring a library with rubygems and many libs loaded is very slow
JRUBY-3008     IO#putc flushes on every char
JRUBY-3009     IO#putc ignores I/O errors
JRUBY-3012     Rake tasks are empty in Mr. Bones' generated project under JRuby
JRUBY-3013     Syslog messes up with ident
JRUBY-3014     Compiled Ruby classes cannot resolve their location inside a Jar file
JRUBY-3015     JRuby is not working on IBM JVM 1.5
JRUBY-3018     Add field_reader, field_writer, and field_accessor
JRUBY-3019     Data is written to end of string passed to IO#sysread instead of beginning
JRUBY-3020     IO#sysread on an accepted socket randomly fails
JRUBY-3022     [PATCH] Fix for ShellLauncher.shouldRunInProcess not being strict enough
JRUBY-3025     File.truncate errors with "No such file or directory" when the file exists.
JRUBY-3028     ObjectSpace#each_object blows NPE when JRuby is run via bootclasspath
JRUBY-3029     .class files are loaded before .rb files ignoring the load path ordering
JRUBY-3033     FFI has warnings with verbose/debug on
JRUBY-3034     Need to get FFI specs running as part of normal build
JRUBY-3036     Module include bug with Test::Unit (ObjectSpace issue)
JRUBY-3037     Test for Java class extension depends on Sun JDK specifics
JRUBY-3039     Private constructors on org.jruby.RubyString effectively cutoff subclassing
JRUBY-3044     MatchData#begin('string') and MatchData#end('string') should raise TypeError
JRUBY-3045     MatchData#select bug
JRUBY-3046     Method Arity is null
JRUBY-3050     File/IO broken with special characters in filenames
JRUBY-3052     Cache Constants at their call site (const_node)
JRUBY-3056     strftime %z has mixed '+' and '-'
JRUBY-3057     External command spawning in multiple concurrent threads can go boom
JRUBY-3058     Config::CONFIG['host_os'] has incorrect value on Windows 2000
JRUBY-3059     load "foo.rb" should search for .class as well
JRUBY-3062     Cache Constants at their call site (compiler)
JRUBY-3066     Missing methods: Kernel::_method_ and Kernel::_callee_
JRUBY-3074        Update to RubyGems 1.3.0.
JRUBY-3080     java.awt.geom.Path2D fails to be imported
JRUBY-3083     jruby -e '~"heh"' does not error out with NoMethodError
JRUBY-3084     Investigate libdl _dl_debug_initialize libc6-i686 issue on Ubuntu, come up with a workaround, and go after responsible parties
JRUBY-3090     [PATCH] Fix endless loop with Math.frexp(inf)
JRUBY-3091     Flaws in constant caching
JRUBY-3093     alias plus eval plus module does not appear to be reflecting correct lookup hierarchy
JRUBY-3094     Update to RubyGems 1.3.1 and modify Etc to behave like MRI when etc methods are not available.
JRUBY-3096     New Joni and Jcodings release needed for 1.1.5
JRUBY-3098     (/(a)b\k<1>/ =~ "aba") == 0 does not work (i.e. numbered backref does not work.)
JRUBY-3099     Issue with method max from enumerable when applied to has_many association
JRUBY-3102     Java classes with non-visible constructors should not be constructible
JRUBY-3106     to_java fails to convert arguments for jna call