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LiveTribe - Systems Management Project

LiveTribe is a community effort to provide state-of-the-art management and monitoring tools, available for download and distribution under the open source Apache License 2.0.

The goal of the LiveTribe project is to simplify the life of the application developers and operational users, by eliminating the complexity and overhead of deploying and maintaining multiple management and monitoring tools (one for each application).

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Instead, the LiveTribe project provides an easily customisable and extensible plug-in architecture where management and monitoring capabilities for the most commonly-used applications (such as Jetty, Tomcat, Geronimo, etc.) are provided, and where custom functionality can be added easily.

LiveTribe leverages the most popular standards for management/monitoring technologies, including JMX (Java Management Extensions), ARM (Application Response Measurement) and SLP (Service Location Protocol).

The LiveTribe project is composed of modules (see the list of modules on the left).
Each module implements the specific portion of the LiveTribe project and most of the time can be downloaded and used separately from other modules.

Current Modules

  • the LiveTribe :: SLP module, to automatically discover applications on the network
  • the LiveTribe :: Console module, an Eclipse Rich Client Console, to provide a central point for management and monitoring
  • the Application Response Measurement (ARM), to instrument applications
  • a boot agent that can be used to download jars, if they need to be updated, and start up the jar which is specified by a boot agent server
  • a Federated JMX Infrastructure, to provide management and monitoring of applications

Join the LiveTribe team in these places:

  • IRC: #livetribe on
  • Mailing Lists


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