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Purpose: Describe the process for adding an external Mapbuilder library.

Discuss plans with developers

It is best to discuss your planned extensions with Mapbuilder developers before beginning your work. Your ideas may have been discussed or implimented before or someone may have a better idea for implimentation. And you are more likely to get your improvements incorporated into the codebase if they have been discussed beforehand.

Check library license.

Ensure the license of the library is compatable with the Mapbuilder LGPL license.

Raise issue in JIRA

Create a "New Feature" issue in the JIRA issue tracker. We use JIRA to track what features and bugs have been addressed between releases.

Import the library

Import the library into mapbuilder/lib/util/<library_name>/.
Make sure you import a release version of the library instead of the trunk so that it will be easier to report bugs to the library project (if we find any).

Assign credit

Under the "Credit" title in mapbuilder/index.html, add a section for the new library you are introducing. Make sure you link to the library, and reference the license used by the project.

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