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Self help for Mapbuilder is available from these web pages and community email lists are quite responsive.
However, if you want reliable support, or a developer to build a Geospatial Web site, you may want to contact one of the developers or companies offering commercial support.



LISAsoft, Australia.

LISAsoft offers commercial support for a full suite of Open Source Geospatial Software. LISAsoft is your ideal Mapbuilder and Open Source partner because

  • We hire a number of Mapbuilder developers, including the Mapbuilder founder, Cameron Shorter.
  • We are experts in OGC standards and take part in OGC testbeds.
  • We integrate with proprietary geospatial software and provide vendor neutral advice for geospatial systems.

DM Solutions Group, Canada.

DM Solutions Group Inc. (DMSG) is a leading provider of web mapping technologies and solutions. Underlying DMSG's unmatched expertise in web mapping solutions delivery is industry-leading, commercially supported, open source web mapping technologies that include MapServer, MapGuide Open Source and various client frameworks including MapBuilder. DMSG's role as a leading technology developer and solutions provider allows the company to uniquely deliver commercial-grade solutions based on open source technologies.

A registry for companies offering support for Open Source Geospatial applications is also available at: OSGeo Support.

Developers and companies offering support are welcome to add their names here

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