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Welcome to the community of Mapbuilder. There are many ways in which you can join our community. Feel free to participate in the areas you like and help us enhance Mapbuilder.

Community sites

Here are some examples of the use of MapBuilder. Please feel free to add links to your favorite sites. 

GeoConnections Discovery Portal is a search engine for the discovery of, and access to, geospatial data and services.  Also create your own maps using the Web Mapping Tool based on the MapBuilder Context Editor demo.

Humboldt Bay Atlas Providing information about the Humboldt area on the North California Coast

Humboldt Bay Atlas with Layers Allowing more advanced analysis using multiple selectable layers

Edugis Educative GIS portal Dutch website to introduce highschool students with GIS

Open Developement

Mapbuilder is not only an open source application; it is an application with a transparent development process. Users wanting to add their feature requests and issues in the next versions of mapbuilder can use the issue tracker. The latest 5 isssues/features added are as follows:com.atlassian.confluence.macro.MacroExecutionException: JIRA project does not exist or you do not have permission to view it.Macro params are invalid
See the Development area on this site for more details


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