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Purpose: To allow users and other interested parties to understand how to communicate with the project.

Make sure you have read the information available on the MapBuilder website itself and are familiar with the User Guide. Get yourself onto the Annoucements mailing list and optionally also the support mailing list. If you are interested in developing MapBuilder itself you can read the transcripts of management meetings (held weekly on IRC) and of course you can participate to the extent that suits you.  


The MapBuilder web site itself (this web site) is the best source of basic information on the product and the project. If you have any comments on the web site then please add a comment to the page in quetion, or post a comment on the developer list. Also, if you have, or know of, any good examples of MapBuilder in operation then please add it to the Examples page and if you think of any additional questions and answers that should be on the FAQ page then please feal free to add them.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are very useful ways to remain in contact with the project and should be used need to ask a questions that can't be answered from the web site itself. Open Source projects of this nature work best when virtually all discussion occurs on the official mailing lists rather than in private discussions. Don't be shy answering questions on this list. If new users can answer the easy questions, experienced users can devote more time to the harder questions.

There are three mailing lists. Click on the appropriate link to either search the list archive or subscribe.


Mapbuilder-announce A good list to join to remain in touch with major developments and releases of new versions.


Mapbuilder-users is a mailinglist for people to get support when using mapBuilder. Before putting a question on this list please check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Mapbuilder-devel is a mailinglist for those developing  code for mapbuilder to discuss current design, new features and to get help.

Commercial Support

see Commercial Support.

IRC Meetings

Weekly development meetings are held using Internet Relay Chat (IRC). The mapbuilder channel is automatically archived at . Older logs are available at IRC Logs.

IRC Meeting are normally held for 30 minutes and the agenda is announced ahead of time on Mapbuilder-devel mailing list and take place at irc://

The table below will help you find the time of this meeting where you live.




Tu 21:30

Amsterdam (Central European Time)

We 13:30

New York (Eastern Standard Time)

We 07:30

Los Angeles ( Pacific Standard Time)

We 04:30

Greenwich Mean Time

We 11:30

Also available as an online Google Calendar at ICAL Format, XML Format, HTML Format.

To participate in these meetings you will need an 'IRC Client' and the best way to do this depends on your browser

Mozilla based
Download Chatzilla and click on the irc link below.

Internet Explorer
Download mIRC and click on the link below

Direct irc link:

The information you need to configure your IRC client are:

  • Server - Pick one from Freenode Servers
  • Channel - #mapbuilder
  • Port - 6667


Download ircle and use the information above to configure the client

 Web Applet (useful if you are behind a firewall) 

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