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Voting is used to resolve decisions. All mapbuilder Committers all have voting rights. There are three possible votes, +1, 0 and -1

  • +1 means positive, go ahead
  • 0 means unsure but not against
  • -1 means negative and is counted as a veto

All updates to design, proposals for new releases, new members etc need to be proposed and discussed on mapbuilder-devel or an IRC team meeting first. If discussed on mapbuilder-devel then one working day needs to be given for everyone to comment and vote upon the proposal. A motion is carried when discussion about the proposal has completed, there is at least one positive vote (not including the proposer) and no negative votes. A negative vote needs to be accompanied by a reason otherwise the vote is null.

If a resolution cannot be made, then the proposal needs to be referred to the Project Steering Committee where a majority vote is required.

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