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  • Step 2: Go to the Mapbuilder fitnesse directory and start the wiki server by running the run.bat.  This will start on port 8088.  The run.bat file can be modified if necessary.  A command window should indicate that FitNesse has started.
  • Step 3: Start a FireFox browser http://localhost:8088/;(unless you modified the port).  The reason we are not using Internet Explorer to start the FITnesse tests is to hopefuly avoid some confusion.  This helps you see which browsers were started for the FITNesse tests. 
  • Go to the Mapbuilder Acceptance Tests: http://localhost:8088/MapBuilder
  • AGAIN: Check the pre-requisites: http://localhost:8088/MapBuilder.PreRequisites
  • Testing is done against Mapbuilder running under an application server such as Tomcat on some host machine.  You might need to customize your setup: http://localhost:8088/MapBuilder.SetUp; Go to the Edit Button on the left menu bar if necessary and save you changes.
  • Go to the main acceptance test page: http://localhost:8088/MapBuilder.AcceptanceTests
  • You can explore the tree and go down to a leaf to run a specific test.  If IE is running and a Mapbuilder window is active, this page will be used as default page.  Specific widget tests can then be run.  As an alternative, you can specify which demo to test by going to the appropriate page.
  • The intent is to build independant tests that can be strung into test suites and run as often as necessary. 
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