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Before downloading and using MapBuilder we recommend that you review the open issues against the version you are using on the MapBuilder's Project Management site.
We also recommend that that join one or more of the mailing lists. Details given on the 'Contact' page. 

To download MapBuilder first go to the 'Download' page.

A brief description of some upcoming MapBuilder versions are given below:

Version 1.0 - 'early March 2006'

A lot of effort has been dedicated to making the 1.0 release stable and free of major bugs.

Version 1.0 will fix the last remaining major IE bugs we have encountered.  For a full list of bugs, refer to the Project Management site.

Version 1.1alpha - 'late March 2006'

In version 1.1 introduces a Rendering Factory which will allow us to easilly use different rendering methods.  Ie: Rendering images like map images from WMS, Render vector as SVG, VML, wzgraphics, etc depending upon the configuration and capability of the browser.  It will also make it easier to add different layer types.  Ie, WMS, WFS, GML, GeoRSS, GoogleMap layers etc.

This will be an engineering release and will not go through an extensive testing process.

After that...

We expect to build one release every one to two months after this.

What is developed will depend upon what developers and sponsors commit to.

[please put a link to the 'user stories' page. I can't find that now, the page had a link to a book on Amazon as well as a useful wish list]

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