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Change layer fill and stroke property

 click on "contextlegend" tab ,you can see a list of layer.
choose layer that you want ,click on its red button called SLD
click on Type of legende --> single symbol
a box is displayed in right
chosse type of feature --> line or polygon
enter the name of the rule
click on button "add rule"
in the box called "rule" is diplayed a new rule with the name that you give it..
click on this rules
just at the left you cans see "color stroke" and "fill stroke"
click on and a pop-up will be opened,you can choose the color that you want
click on button called "insert SLD in WMC" to valid the modification.

Filter on a layer property (equal interval)  

Click on contextLegend
Click on sld button of parcelles layer

click on Type of legende --> graduated symbol
Choose "risque" property in "field of classification" list
Click on "number of class" list  and choose 4
Click on "mode" list and choose "equal interval"
Choose "value from" O "to" 1
Click on valid

After you have the list of rules on the left.
Click on each rules and modify fill color property (clicking on "Fill color :" for choose color in a panel) on the left.
(just fill color and width works at this moment)
Finally click on "insertSLD in WMC" button for see results

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  1. Can't find this sld editor ... where is it ?

  2. Hi Gaillard. If you need to create SLD files, maybe you want to look at the AtlasStyler SLD Editor. Its a free open-source application based on Geotools. Englisch documentation is slowly growing, but for a start check out the labelling tutorial: SLD Labeling Tutorial.