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Once you have acquired access permissions from codehaus, you can get mapbuilder in the following ways:

Read Only Access

The read only checkout URL is: . To check out via command line:

or if you rather use the svnserve version:

Read/Write Access

The read-write checkout URL is: You need to have an account on To check out via command line:

 Getting Write permission to Mapbuilder code

Mapbuilder users who have demonstrated a willingness to work on Mapbuilder and are considered to be an asset to the Mapbuilder programming team are often offered write access to the Mapbuilder codebase.  If that is you, this is what you will need to do:

  1. Create a Codehaus account using Xircles.
  2. Open the page
  3. Click on the link (left hand side) to apply for developer privileges.
  4. Get a JIRA account if you don't already have one from here:
  5. Post to the developer list with your new username and one of the Mapbuilder project despots will grant you permission at .

Using Eclipse/myEclipse/subclipse

The eclipse IDE is located here:
I personally use the myEclipse addon available here:

To get the SVN eclipse plug-in here: ; and install

When running on windows I have found that the pure java implementation works best.  To modify the settings go to window->preferences->team->svn then check check SVN interface JavaSVN (Pure java).

Open the SVN Repository Exploring Perspective

go to the SVN repository view and right mouse click and select the Add a new SVN Repository

Root url: (leave blank)
User: (your Codehaus username)
Password: (leave blank)

Select "finish"

you should now be connected to SVN

If you run into this error message:
"The system cannot find the file specified. 
svn: Can't create tunnel: The system cannot find the file specified. "

then make sure that you have selected the pure java implementation from the SVN preference

The first time you try to commit you will be prompted for your username and password.

Don't Have A Codehaus User Account?

See Getting Write Permissions to Mapbuilder code above.

Username Problems?

If you have forgotten your username you can find it listed here:

If you are not on the list, then contact Cameron or Steven to be added.

If you do not have ssh access to beaver, then follow the Getting Write permissinos to Mapbuilder code above. 

Now go to here:

login with that username / password.

After you are logged in (you will see your username on top) select the "My
Page" link and then select "Change password" on the left.

You should then be able to commit files with your username and new password.

Need to Contact the Codehaus folks?

The Codehaus folks are VERY helpful and knowledgeable.  Infact, this page is the result of a debugging session which they promptly solved.  The Codehaus team are contactable on IRC, server, channel #codehaus

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