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The Catalog demo in Mapbuilder allows you to search a catalog, add layers onto a map and arrange the layers in the resultant Context document.

This tutorial explains how the model and widgets for the catalog demo work, and how to add a new data source to search. Eg: querying and processing a WMS GetCapabilities request.

Data Flow

  1. A form is created for user to enter Catalog query information: widget/CatalogSearchForm.xsl or CatalogSearchForm.paint()
  2. A user populates a form with query information.
  3. The widget builds a query for the Catalog: widget/CatalogSearchForm.doSelect()
  4. The Catalog is queried and XML results put into a Response model.
  5. The widget converts the ResponseXML to OWS Context format as a ResponseContext: widget/CatalogSearchForm.handleResponse() calls tool/xsl/ebrim2Context.xsl
  6. The user can then copy layers from the Response Context into the MainMap Context.

Files to create or update

Search widget

Create yourself a new widget, which you can base upon widget/CatalogSearchForm. Eg WmsGetCapabilities.

Stylesheet to convert to OWS Context

You need to convert the response to an OWS Context. See tool/xsl/ebrim2Context.xsl

Example files

Update the examples/catalog/ files:

  1. index.html
  2. config.xml


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