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Here are some common problems encountered and some tips for working with mapbuilder in development.

  • The Javascript console is your friend. While we have attempted to trap the more common errors and provide a meaningful error message in an alert, error messages in the javascript console can provide additional information about where and why and error occurred.
  • Mozilla based browsers provide better debugging tools. It is very difficult to diagnose problems in Internet Explorer. Mozilla provides some very nice developer tools through XUL extensions and with the Venkman JavaScript debugger.
  • HTML DOCTYPE declarations. some widgets don't yet support the XHTML doctype declaration.
  • no extra whitespace in config properties: don't put in extra whitespace or comments for properties in config. Properties should look like <property>value</property> and not have any carriage returns within the element.
  • Empty HTML tags: Don't use the empty node form in the HTML page for mapbuilder elements (i.e. <div id="mbId"/>). This is because some browsers do not recognize the empty tag as being closed.
  • XML mime types: The XML documents you retrieve must have a mime type of "text/xml". File types that typically aren't served with that mime type include context documents (.cml), collections (.ccml) and often XSL files as well (.xsl). Check that the mime type mapping file for your server contains a line like:

          If you are using Apache, this file will be specified in the httpd.conf.

  • Browser caching of XSL stylesheets: Both IE and Mozilla based browsers cache stylesheets loaded by mapbuilder. If you are modifying widget stylesheets, be sure to clear the browser cache before reloading the page.
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  1. I'm trying to publish a few layers using a WMS service running on geoServer with mapBuilder as client. I've some success with geoServer defining layers symbology, scales, viewing map previews and everything, but in the other hand I can't find out how to make some things work with mapBuilder, I can brows maps but that's not enough. I can't even make mapBuilder demos work properly. The basic problem is that no get-feature-info tool is working, i.e. the /mapbuilder/demo/complete/index.html

    Mozzilla Firefox nor IE 6.0.2600...

    Geoserver 1.5.0 on Tompcat 6.0.10

    Doesn't seem to have nothing to do with that, demos should work even if Tompcat is not running, they connect to internet servers. I tried two different versions of MapBuilder: 1.0.1 and 1.5 alpha, I also tried on two different computers with the same results.  

    I know there must be something I'm doing wrong, but I been searching for that the last week and can't realize about what is it. Please I will appreciate some help. Thanks in advance