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Migration to Openlayers for rendering:
This release completes the migration to OpenLayers for rendering MapPane.
All tools are now integrated with Openlayers.

Deprecating old files:
There will be some backward compatability issues because we have
deprecated MapPane and MapPane2 (replaced by MapPaneOL) and
GMLRendererWZ replaced by GMLRendererOL. Some less used widgets have
also been deprecated.
Old documentation which has been moved to the wiki has been depreated.
Deprecated files have been moved into the mapbuilder/archieve (in the

The fitness test framework has been replaced by the simpler and more
powerful selerium framework. Some tests have already been written, but
more are required.

We consider the code to be quite stable, but have not run it through
extensive testing yet, and so we are still calling the code "alpha".


Vector rendering using SVG/VML:
SVG and VML rendering is available for recent browsers using MapPaneOL and GmlRendererOL. This rendering is much faster than the previous WZGraphics library.

Integration with OpenLayers:
The MapPaneOL and GmlRendererOL widgets use OpenLayers for rendering. This means we can easilly tap into OpenLayer's support for numerous map providers.
Eg: Tiled WMS, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, MSN Maps, WFS, GML, etc.

Faster startup:
Mapbuilder is now bundled up into one file and compressed into a half its original size.

OWS Context:
Mapbuilder previously stored its LayerList in a Web Map Context (WMC) document. A WMC describes a list of WMS layers. The latest Mapbuilder supports the
OGC's draft OWS Context specification which extends the WMC to include: WFS layers, GeoRSS layers, GML Layers.

The OWS Context is rendered by the new MapPaneOL widget.

SLD Editor:
We now have a Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) Editor example. A SLD describes whether you map features should be rendered as red fat lines or blue thin
lines and you can apply styles to maps.

We have some GeoRSS examples which include rendering vector layers SVG/VML.


About Community Mapbuilder

Community MapBuilder is a powerful, standards compliant, open source, geographic mapping client which runs in a web browser. It is part of the OSGeo stable of quality Open Source Geospatial projects.

About OpenLayers

OpenLayers is a browser based, open source, webmapping client which accesses a variety of basemaps.

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