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December 24, 2007

The Community MapBuilder team are pleased to announce the release of
mapbuilder-lib 1.5, Release Candidate 1.

This release candidate marks the completion of integration of version
2.5 of the OpenLayers ( rendering library.
This, and all future releases of Community MapBuilder will use OL for
the core of map rendering functions.

In addition, Community MapBuilder now supports baselayers from Google
Maps, Microsoft Live Maps, and Yahoo Maps. It also includes rendering
for Google's Keyhole Markup Language (KML).

Map projection is now handled using the Proj4js library for on-the-fly
conversion of point coordinates from one coordinate system to another.

Context/OWSContext now has improved handling of layers by IDs, and numerous
internal code improvements have been made.

The examples better reflect the new feature set, and we now allow for a
single-file Mapbuilder installation. Clients can simply
include the following line in their code:

And, this will provide them complete functionality from a single URL.

Thanks to all who participated in this release.

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