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How to obtain a logger inside a wagon?

Declare your own:

How to select specific wagon implementation

Maven it picks the wagon implementation based on the repository protocol URL.
If you call your wagon "myw" and the URL is myw://, then if desired wagon has a role hint = myw, it will be selected for transport

Mercury wagon provider progress tracking

Is in this jira

Mercury wagon provider - how to configure PGP signatures

Configuration: in order to:

  • generate PGP signatures, set all writer properties
  • for signature verification. Use reader configuration

To wake up PGP functionality in Mercury wagon, specify -Dmaven.mercury.wagon.pgp.config=property file on the command line. Property file, pointed by this system property, has the following structure:

PGP configuration property file

Please note that reader.keyring and writer.keyring point to an actual keyring file. I used GNUpg tools for Mac for key maintenance -

Careful with the reader verification

If repository does not have .asc pgp signatures and Maven tries to read from it, now it may create problems. In this case there is an undocumented facility to sign entire repository. Please comment here if that is needed.

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