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The actual documentation mechanism takes the Javadoc description of a MOJO to generate the plugin reports. The main issue is that the documentation is only in one language.

Here is a simple javadoc header for MOJO:


We propose to add a @i18n tag to handle the internationalization. The default language will be the javadoc description, other languages should be handle by the @i18n tag.
The bundles names will be based on the package/class and located in /src/main/resources/
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  1. Why add another name for things? Everything that can be named so far already has two names, the plugin:goal:parameter name and the package.class.method name. Either one should do. So if you plan to name the properties file just like the class file, which I think is a good idea, simply state that the mojo description is called "mojo.description" and the description of parameter foo is called "", then there is no need at all for another tag. I would assume that such a convention better ifts the Maven philosophy than this tiny bit of configurability you 'd gain from having feely choosable property names.