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   Maven 2.0.4 :: Release Diary
   John Casey

Maven 2.0.4 :: Release Diary

* Deviations

  * Started by rolling back some local changes I had made to enable cobertura reporting...simply called:

    <<<svn revert --recursive .>>

  * Checked the release-ability of the maven projects:

    [[1]] Removed ~/.m2/repository

    [[2]] <<<mvn clean install -DperformRelease=true>>>

          [[a]] Had a test failure in maven-project (inheritance t02), so had to debug that before proceeding.

                The problem comes when the <<<-DperformRelease=true>>> property value triggers a profile in
                the super-POM that injects three new plugin definitions. I had to account for this by doing
                more than the simple <<<getPlugins().size()>>> check...I have to iterate over the 
                <<<getPlugins()>>> list, and make sure that each one (a) is acceptable based on that profile 
                and the unaltered POM, and (b) doesn't have repeated declarations in the POM's plugin list.



    <<NOTE:>> This verifies that things like the javadoc attached artifacts will build.

    From here, I resumed the release process as documented, starting with "[re]move $HOME/.m2/repository".

  * Performed dry-run of maven-artifact-ant and maven-embedder using -DperformRelease=true.

  * Skipped building custom version of maven-release-plugin. This is because of the trouble during the 2.0.3
    release; since I noticed that `svn up` didn't do anything, I figured those problems hadn't gone away.

  * Had to remember to dry-run the `mvn site` command too, to ensure that all of the report plugins were reachable.

    This actually involved some surgery on the top-level POM, for the following problems:

    [[1]] the changelog plugin is not in a repository, and will not build: <<I commented it out.>>

    [[2]] the jxr plugin has been moved to ASF: <<I renamed its artifactId.>>

    [[3]] the snapshot pluginRepository where the current jxr plugin is deployed will never be checked if the releases
          flag is disabled: <<I commented the releases flag out, enabling release-checking on this snapshot repo.>>

    [[4]] ditto #3 above for the normal repository for apache.snapshots, to allow site skins to be resolved.


  * Had to comment out the distributionManagement/site section of maven-core/pom.xml so I could deploy the site.

  * Forgot to run `mvn assembly:assembly` in maven-artifact-ant before I tried to run the sample Ant build.

  * Had to comment out the clover report in maven-embedder to get the site to proceed.

  * Modified the embedder POM in target/checkout to use maven-2.0.4 as the parent, so that I get the correct
    site directory just prior to `mvn site-deploy`.

  * Had to build the site plugin, which meant buiding a new version of doxia locally.

    This was to avoid a NPE in the site plugin version that's on the repository. Also, had to fix the site plugin to
    execute `chmod -Rf ...` rather than `chmod -R ...` to allow the site to deploy (I didn't own all of the subdirs).

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