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Resources Definition

Resources are currently only classpath resources, however the concept of a resource set and the processing model for resources applies to other types of resources, including:

  • webapp resources
  • plugin input files (eg MDO files for maven.mdo)

We should evaluate whether we can find better ways to specify resources, such as uniquely identified resource sets, and utilise them from plugin configuration. The resource sets may or may not belong in the build section any more.

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  1. This could help the IDE integration as well. Knowing exactly what are the important file roots to show to the user, plus in case of webapp resources and j2ee resources in general also for the integration code itself.

  2. I am desparate for this kind of functionality and agree with vincent's comments. could we not just extend the archetype system and have a project retreive and unpacked an archetype over its own project directory as part of its generate-sources phases?

  3. I am currently looking for a way to add webapp-specific resources to the webapp and I stumbled upon this page. The specific functionality that I need is to be able to specify resources that are themselves within some other zip. This is because the project I am working on relies on such an artifact generated by another project (embedded web content), and it is most convenient to keep that content separate, and zipped up, in my project, instead of just copying all the files right on top of my own webapp.