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The information on this page is user-contributed. Its accuracy is not verified by the Maven team!

Links:  Guide to creating archetypesPlugin documentation

What Archetypes are available?

Maven's standard archetypes

View the released archetypes in the central repository at ibiblio:

    • quickstart: creates a default pom.xml, the src and a test folders (including a default
    • site: quickstart + some filters + a default site structure. Site includes a second language (french). Note that the site archetype can only be run to create a new project, it can not be run after a project was initialized with another archetype.
    • webapp: for creating web applications.

View the latest source code for Maven archetypes in the Subversion repository:

How to use

To create a webapp file structure:
mvn archetype:create -DgroupId=mygroupid -DartifactId=artifactid -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-webapp

User-contributed archetypes 

Apache MyFaces

Apache Struts

Apache Shale

Tips and Surprises

There is currently no way to escape expressions so that they are not filtered. See

You can, however, prevent an entire file from being filtered:

    <resource filtered="false">src/main/resources/example/</resource>

Similarly, there is a <resource encoding="..."> attribute.


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  1. Escaping properties works for me: \${package} outputs ${package} in my resource.