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Deploying With Webdav


As of Maven 2.0.9 it is no longer nessesary to add the build extension to your project.

The simplest way to enable webdav deployment is to add a build extension to your project:

To use mvn deploy:deploy-file with webdav, save a simple pom.xml containing wagon-webdav as a build extension in the directory from which you execute 'mvn'. (You may need to rename the pom for the project you are deploying.)


mvn deploy:deploy-file -Dfile=example.jar -DpomFile=example.pom -DrepositoryId=myrepo -Durl=dav:http://localhost:8080/archiva/repository/myrepo

You can also point Maven at an alternate pom file with -f on the command line.


mvn deploy:deploy-file -f /path/to/webdav-deploy-pom.xml -Dfile=example.jar -DpomFile=example.pom -DrepositoryId=myrepo -Durl=dav:http://localhost:8080/archiva/repository/myrepo

Alternate method, modifying the Maven distribution

Given that maven 2 doesn't currently include the wagon-webdav plug-in in its core, here's how to add it:

add to maven-2.0.x/pom.xml

add to maven-2.0.x/maven-core/pom.xml


and finally install your new maven-2.0.5-SNAPSHOT-bin...

The examples from the guide to deploying 3rd party jars will now work in the following context:

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