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While it is clear which Mojo of which plugin is being executed, eg

it is often difficult to determine from the build output which phase is being executed.

It would be really helpful to also have clear notification of the start of each phase. Eg

While the example above is trivial, in a complex build it would provide a great deal of clarity, especially when debugging problems in build or plugin configuration.

The second and related part of this proposal is to make the current LifeCycle Phase visible to the currently executing plugin. This would allow the plugin to at least provide log similar to that above and at most make decisions based on the currently executing LifeCycle Phase.

The LifeCycle Phase could be injected into the plugin, using the conventional expression syntax.

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  1. I think this is a good idea.  I agree that it could help with debugging when you are not sure where in the build process something is occurring.

    Is there a JIRA issue for this?