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This is the place where users can contribute information, tips, examples, surprise etc. about the standard Maven plugins. There is no guarantee that this information is accurate. But it may help to find common answers before they appear in the documentation.

Here's a page that explaing how you configure Reporting Plugins.

The following plugins are the standard plugins for Maven2:

Verification & validation

Animal Sniffer Maven Plugin - Verify your project against signatures.

Animal Sniffer Enforcer Rule - Verify your project against signatures.

Checkstyle Plugin - Generate a checkstyle report.

Clirr Plugin - Check Java libraries for binary and source compatibility with older releases.

Clover Plugin - Generate a Clover report.

Cobertura Plugin - Generate a Cobertura report of code coverage and complexity.

Documentation Checker Plugin - Check plugin site for conformance with plugin documentation standard.

FindBugs Plugin - Check for various bugs in Java source code.

Surefire Plugin - Run the unit tests in an isolated classloader.

Surefire Report Plugin - Integrate unit test results into the project site.

PMD Plugin - Generate a PMD report.

Verifier Plugin - Useful for integration tests - verifies the existence of certain conditions.

Construction & generation

Ant Plugin - Generate an Ant build file for the project.

Antlr Plugin - Generate sources from an Antlr grammar.

Antrun Plugin - Generate sources from an Antlr grammar.

Archetype Plugin - Generate a skeleton project structure from an archetype.

Assembly Plugin - Build an assembly (distribution) of sources and binaries.

Castor Plugin - Generates Java beans from XML schemas using Castor XML code generator.

Clean Plugin - Clean up after the build.

Compiler Plugin - Compiles Java sources.

DBUnit Plugin - Puts a database into a known state between test runs.

Dependency Plugin - Analyze, copy, unpack dependencies.

Deploy Plugin - Deploy the built artifact to the remote repository.

DOAP Plugin - Generate DOAP info file from the POM.

EAR Plugin - Generate an EAR from the current project.

Eclipse Plugin - Generate an Eclipse project file for the current project.

EJB Plugin - Build an EJB (and optional client) from the current project.

Enforcer Plugin - Check build constraints like Maven or Java version.

GPG Plugin - Sign artifacts using GnuPG.

IDEA Plugin - Create/update an IDEA workspace for the current project (individual modules are created as IDEA modules).

Install Plugin - Install the built artifact into the local repository.

Invoker Plugin - Invoke Maven sub builds during a main build, e.g. to do integration tests.

JAR Plugin - Build a JAR from the current project.

JavaCC Plugin - Generate parsers from JavaCC grammars.

Javadoc Plugin - Generate Javadoc for the project.

JSPC Plugin - Pre-compile JavaServer Pages (JSP)

JXR Plugin - Integrate source cross-reference into site.

One Plugin - Build Maven 1.x plugins with Maven 2.x.

Maven License Plugin - Manage the license headers of your source files

Patch Plugin - Apply patch files to the project source tree.

Plugin Plugin - Create a Maven plugin descriptor for any Mojo's found in the source tree, to include in the JAR.

RAR Plugin - Build a RAR from the current project.

Release Plugin - Release the current project - updating the POM and tagging in the SCM.

Repository Plugin - Create bundles for an upload request to the central Maven repository.

Repository Tools - Merge repositories, etc.

Remote Resources Plugin - Filter and include packaged resources.

Resources Plugin - Copy the resources to the output directory for including in the JAR.

SCM Plugin - Perform SCM operations like check out, tag, branch etc.

Shade Plugin - Bundle project classes and dependencies into an uber JAR.

Site Plugin - Generate a site for the current project.

Source Plugin - Build a JAR of sources for use in IDEs and distribution to the repository.

Stage Plugin - Copy artifacts from one repository to another.

SQL Plugin - Execute SQL statements.

Versions Plugin - Manage the versions of artifacts in a project's POM.

Virtualization Plugin - Control virtual computers on a virtualization platform (e.g. VMware/Xen/VirtualBox/... etc).

WAR Plugin - Build a WAR from the current project.

XSLT Plugin - Run XSL Transformations.


Changes Plugin - Generate a release history from a handcrafted changes report.

Changelog Plugin - Generate a SCM change log.

Dashboard Plugin - Aggregates Cobertura/Surefire/Checkstyle/PMD/CPD Reports.

Docbkx Maven Plugin - Build documentation from DocBook sources.

Help Plugin - Get information about the working environment for the project.

Project Info Reports Plugin - Generate a standard project reports.

PDF Plugin - Generate PDF documents from site sources.

Changelog Plugin

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