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The Maven 2 tutorial: A practical guide for Maven 2 users

Not so long ago on the Maven 2 users mailing list, someone complained Maven 2 had the "worst documentation in the whole Apache projects". Therefore, I am writing this tutorial in an attempt to make Maven 2 documentation one of the best in the whole Apache projects. It will also be a constantly evolving knowledge base addressing the most common questions/issues. The format of this tutorial is inspired by the excellent "The Java TM Tutorial"© document which can be found on Sun's official web site.

This tutorial is split into several trails of different levels which are addressing specific aspects of Maven 2 use.

Maven 2 Basics

Getting the maximum out of Maven

More advanced topics

  • Plugin development
  • [more to be added]
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  1. Can someone move this page under the Home folder please (smile)

  2. Is this tutorial still being maintained? Looks a bit old to me.