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Since version 2.2 we have a regular maven generated site for the Mevenide2 Netbeans integration. Follow the white rabbit.

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  1. Please fix the download link. It currently leads to a 403.

  2. it should be fine now, the site where the binaries are stored was down for almost 2 weeks. It should be working again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. I have installed NetBeans 5.5 and Mevenide 2.1.1.  But I cannot figure out how to create a maven project.  I don't see any maven options in File -> New Project menu items. Any assistance would be really appreciated.


  4. I had the same stumbling block.

    Went back and installed the maven1 plugin into nb5.0 just to make sure I was clear on its functions.  The Maven Project creation dialog appeared correctly there and I was able to create a maven1 project from within netbeans 5.0

    Moving forward, NB5.5beta with mevenide plugin 2.1.1 does not produce a Maven Project creation dialog, although the svn appears to shows nb-project support for same.

    When I pulled the mevenide source from the svn and pointed the file dialog at it, nb displays a modified icon indicating its a netbeans project, and when I opened it, nb discovered all the required projects and opened them all together. nice. So the mevenide 2.1.1 plugin is there, and functioning.

    I was not able to get the mevenide 2.1-SNAPSHOT to build, and the trunk seems not to have a pom for 2.1.1, so I can't seem to find and build the up to date source for the plugin that I have installed.  

    Anyway that means the solution at present seems to be a workaround, just create a new project outside of netbeans, using archetype:create  

     This was snipped from the tutorial at Thi is by far the best intro document to maven2 that I have seen.

    Hope that helps, anyone out there who can point me to the 2.1.1 mevenide source which contains the updated embedder, that would be nice.

    hope this helps get you moving.

  5. Hello, guys

    The released maven2 support does not allow to create a new maven project from the UI. (the old maven1 project does, but it's a completely different codebase)
    I have started work on that in the svn trunk. It's not ideal yet, but at least in some form it should appear in the next version.

    for the time being create the project on the command line.
    to open it in the IDE, just trigger the Open Project action and choose the folder with your project in the filechooser.

  6. Thanks for the update Milos.
    Now that I know how to do it, this looks like a workable solution for creating projects

    Is there any way tell maven to use the -fn flag when running a lifecyle goal?
    I can't seem to figure out where these command line options are to be set within the netbeans framework..

    Regarding the svn --
    I did pull down the mevenide2 trunk from the svn,
    and the build fails on the embedder subproject, as it fails to resolve the ContainerCustomizer symbol in EmbedderFactory.

    The POM in the trunk is set to version 2.1-SNAPSHOT, and I can't get it to compile.
    I poked around a little but cannot find the 2.1.1 SOURCE.  (I see no tag in the svn with that version number)

    Yet I do have a compiled and working version 2.1.1 release (or patch).

    To get to the request part,  I am trying to locate a current version of the 2.1.1 embedder jar, cause all the other subprojects need it to be built.
    But I can't build it locally and I can't find it in any public repository.

    Then I look in the mevenide2.nbm zip to see what's there and its an unfamiliar package structure, but looks like the 2.1-SNAPSHOT is set to override.

    So I've gotten myself a bit confused and wonder if you could help me untangle things.
    I know  its kind of an entangled request, but any help getting the my local copy of the embedder subproject in the current mevenide2-netbeans svn trunk compilable would be appreciated.
    Thanks again for the info on project creation.

  7. Charles,
    what is the your SVN URL? in my trunk copy ( I get the 2.1.1 version. Unfortunately I didn't tag the 2.1.1 release I should have increased the version of the projects to snapshots (not all project need to share this version, i'm increasing the version for a project only if it changed).

    the compilation problem could be caused by an old copy of maven-embedder-2.1-SNAPSHOT-mevenide.jar in the remote repository (I have a custom built copy of the embedder for mevenide). That's fairly possible, because in May went down for some time and was completely restructured later. I'm trying to upload yet another version of custom embedder binaries that fix some bugs, but there's some access rights problems to be resolved by the admins first.