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MicroContainer is an lightweight container for self contained NanoContainer applications.

MicroContainer expects a composition script written in one of a number of script languages (Groovy, XML, Jython, Javascript, Beanshell)

That composition script assembles and congigures a number of Dependency Injector (DI) components into a hierachy.

MicroContainer deploys applications that are in an appropriate achive format (.mca). The archives can be dropped in to a directory for auto deployment, or installed via MicroContainer's mangagement webapp (TODO).

Subject to permission, MicroContainer apps can avail of services offered by the kernel, or break out of the sandbox to listen on sockets or access parts of the file system (TODO).

Though functioning, MicroContainer is very much a work in progress. Join PicoContainer's dev mail list if you want to help out.

Mike Ward & Paul Hammant will be pleased to get help (smile)

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