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JBoss ESB Integration

JBoss ESB distributions are shipped pre-configured with Smooks as the default transformation solution. Using Smooks in JBoss ESB is simply a matter of configuration. A transformation is added as an action in an action pipleline as follows (jboss-esb.xml) :
<action name="transform" class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.smooks.SmooksAction">
 	<property name="smooksConfig" value="smooks-config.xml" />

Configuration Properties:




the Smooks configuration file. Can be a path on the file system or on the classpath.


the body location which contains the object to be transformed.


the body location where the transformed object will be placed.

For more detailed information on how Smooks is used in JBoss ESB, see the JBoss ESB Wiki.

Mule ESB Integration

Smooks has been successfully integrated into Mule. Check out how it's done.

Synapse ESB Integration

 The Synapse ESB project has integrated Smooks with their ESB.

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